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Safety Culture + Professional and Management Training = Success

MIL-CON understands that ensuring safe work practices and procedures is the first step in any successful project. Simply stated, at MIL-CON, safety comes first. We demand it, we practice it and we know our government and prime contractor clients expect it - and have come to rely on MIL-CON for our tested safety record.

All reasonable and practical measures are taken to ensure the safety, health, and welfare of employees on the job, and to ensure other persons affected by company operations aren't placed in a potentially harmful situation.

MIL-CON employees receive the best training available to ensure the safest possible methods and techniques are used to perform any task. MIL-CON's comprehensive, continuous training program and job-site diligence produce a safety record that consistently out-performs the industry standard. In the past five years MIL-CON has had an average 0.79 annual Experience Modification Rate (EMR).

MIL-CON's commitment to a culture of safety and welfare on job-sites go hand-in-hand with our high quality of performance and workmanship. This culture is maintained through scheduled training, regular safety inspections, and strict adherence to all federal, state, local, and job specific safety regulations.

MIL-CON is an authorized American Safety & Health Institute (ASHI) training center maintaining two in-house instructors. These instructors provide the flexibility of continuous CPR and first aid certifications to more than 75% of MIL-CON field employees. Our field personnel are trained as first responders and are prepared to react in an emergency situation. MIL-CON also maintains qualified DOL OSHA outreach trainers for the 10 and 30 hour OSHA for Construction course. Educated, experienced, and qualified instructors provide continuous training in critical processes such as lockout-tagout, arc flash, confined space, trenching & excavation, hazardous communication, scaffolding, fall protection, fire protection, material handling, and heavy equipment operations.

MIL-CON's supervisory personnel are trained to perform and implement job hazardous analysis (JHA) at all job-sites. They're also trained on how to effectively and efficiently direct their crews on the performance of these JHA's.

MIL-CON's management team, including project managers and superintendents, attend an in-house four-hour training session each month to ensure continuous improvement. This vital training program greatly improves the skills of our job managers providing them the knowledge and skills to make clear and concise decisions on a daily basis. Course instruction focuses on topics such as plans and specifications, job processes, documentation and reporting, programs and policies, cost control, personnel management, safety and risk management, client relationships, and leadership. MIL-CON understands the need for continuous professional development and recognizes this training program as one of many ways to ensure the company's continued growth and excellence.

Through safety programs and training, professional and management development, and apprenticeship programs MIL-CON maintains its place at the top by learning new technologies and practices to meet and exceed all challenges head on.


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